Taylor-Dunn – Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

Taylor-Dunn is a big name for building tough, rugged, dependable gas and electric vehicles for over 60 years. Taylor-Dunn offers high quality industrial and commercial vehicles to move different equipment and passengers from one place to another.

Since shipping its first vehicle in 1949, the company has come a long way designing and manufacturing standard and customized vehicles, like burden carriers, personnel carriers, electric vehicles, tow tractors etc. Taylor-Dunn is quite famous for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and ground-support markets. Hence, it is an ideal option for resorts, hotels, commercial and personal use.

Taylor-Dunn supports its models with the latest equipment and accessories to customize a golf cart. Hence, you find a better way to entertain your guests, accommodate your heavy gear, and enjoy the sport in your local golf resort.

First International maintains one of the largest ranges of Taylor-Dunn electric golf carts for sale. Our best vehicles allow us to assist our customers to handle big events or special industrial and commercial needs in Oman and GCC. We have both gas and electric powered golf carts and club cars, which allow you to get exactly what you have imagined and need.

First International carries high quality electric golf carts for sale with the best customization options. We have a variety of vehicles and technical staff to serve you the best. Our maintenance staff offer quality overhauling and maintenance service in Oman. We believe that overhauling and maintaining is more than fixing the technical issues in a golf cart. We understand the value of taking care of our valued customers in the best possible way.

We do not just advertise or display our golf cars for sale purpose, but also provide in-depth details about your desired vehicle. Overall, Taylor-Dunn offers almost everything you need in a golf cart to run your golf operations and without spending too much.

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